Beware of Counterfeit Medications

What are Counterfeit Medications?

Counterfeit medications could be expired, repackaged, contaminated, have slight variations, different ingredients, or it could not be a medication at all.

Where Can Counterfeit Medications be Found?

Counterfeit medications are typically sold by online, non-licensed pharmacies and do not require a prescription.

Frequently Counterfeit Medications

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e. carprofen, meloxicam)
  • Flea and Tick preventatives
  • Heartworm preventatives


Ask your veterinarian about the site you plan to use.
Watch for red flags such as not requiring a prescription, not listing an address or phone number.
Always check for site accreditation.
Report problems and suspicious online pharmacies.
Educate yourself about online pharmacies.

Common Signs of Counterfeit Medications

  • Differences in weight between the outer package and the product inside
  • Lack of directions in English
  • Products not packaged in child-resistant packaging
  • Missing directions for use
  • Stickers on the box to hide the foreign labeling
  • P.A. registration number is missing
  • Foreign labeled product with stickers containing some U.S information
beware of counterfeit medications