Welcome to our FAQ page for your upcoming visit to the vet! Here, you'll find answers to common questions about preparing for your pet's appointment, understanding the procedures, and ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

What should I bring to my first visit?

  • Fecal sample
  • Any records from breeder or previous veterinarian

How do I transport my pet?

  • All cats must be in carriers
  • Dogs must have a collar and leash attached. All retractable leashes must be locked during the visit
    • A secondary, fixed-length leash may be given to ensure your pet remains safe during the visit

What is going to happen during my visit?

  • Check in via text and front desk
  • Large dogs will be weighed in the lobby
  • Wait in lobby with pet
  • A technician will bring you and your pet into an exam room
  • The technician will review your pet’s medical history and any concerns you have today
  • Cats and small dogs will be weighed in the exam room
  • The veterinarian will come into the room, perform a physical exam and talk with you
  • Depending on the reason for your pet’s visit, the veterinarian and technician will perform any diagnostics, treatments, or vaccinations you discussed
  • After the procedures are finished, you will be escorted to the front desk to check out and schedule a follow-up visit.
  • You will receive a survey via email asking you about your experience at the hospital

What questions should I ask the vet team?

  • What preventatives should I have my pet on?
  • What is pet insurance, and should I have it for my pet?
  • What vaccinations are recommended for my pet?
  • Should I do yearly blood work on my pet?
  • When should I schedule my pet’s follow-up appointment?
  • When should I plan to have a comprehensive oral health assessment for my pet?

What Makes Us Your Best Choice

  • Compassionate Care

    At Aston Veterinary Hospital we understand how hard it is when your beloved pet is sick, we are committed to treating every animal as if it was our own.

  • Seven Decades of Service

    We have been proudly serving our community with the highest level of care for more than seven decades, put your pet in our experienced hands.

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  • “Everyone is concerned and friendly and both dogs were well taken care of. Thanks!”

    - Susan C.
  • “Nikki & Boomer are in good care when they visit Aston Vet. They are both seniors and you give them the best care.”

    - Elizabeth & J.
  • “The staff at Aston Veterinary Hospital is exceptional.”

    - Maureen S.