Wellness Examinations

Wellness Exams

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Scheduling of wellness checks is an essential part of being a pet parent. Typically performed just once a year, these examinations will provide valuable information about your pet’s overall well-being, offer a chance at the early diagnosis of a health problem, and provide peace of mind in knowing that your pet is healthy and happy.

At Aston Veterinary Hospital in Media, PA, our physical exams include a head-to-tail assessment where we:

  • Look at the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Check body weight and temperature
  • Check the lymph nodes
  • Look in the mouth to assess the health of the teeth and gums
  • Evaluate the heart and lungs
  • Feel the abdomen to check the internal organs including the kidneys and liver
  • Evaluate the muscles, spine, and joints
  • Routine blood work - this is recommended at every stage of development. Should your pet become sick down the road, we then have a baseline to help identify any potential concerning issues early on so we can act quickly to keep your pet healthy!

After the examination, we carefully document our findings and give you our recommendations for any health problems we find. While we typically perform wellness exams once a year, if your pet is older or has health problems, we may recommend more frequent examinations.

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