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In addition to physical examinations, our veterinarians use blood tests and other laboratory work to better assess your pet’s health. These blood tests give us a “baseline” of what is normal for your pet and help us in the early detection of illness or disease. Our in-house laboratory plays an invaluable role in our ability to provide complete and effective veterinary care for all of our patients.

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The Importance of Veterinary Lab Services

Blood tests are very valuable in the early detection of diseases in pets. Studies have shown that 25% of dogs and cats over the age of 10 years have a treatable disease that is not causing symptoms. Subtle changes in these tests over time may signal the presence of an underlying disease.

A standard blood test panel may include:

  • Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC), which provides key information about the types and amounts of blood cells. A high white blood cell count, for example, may indicate the presence of an infection.
  • Blood Chemistry Profile, which helps us identify abnormalities in organ function, blood sugar levels, electrolytes, and more.
  • Heartworm Test, which is often compared with urine and fecal tests to detect heartworm disease.

How Often Does My Pet Need Bloodwork?

We recommend that junior pets (1-6 years old) should have bloodwork done yearly and that senior pets (7+ years old) should have bloodwork done at least annually, preferably every 6 months.

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