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Zoey is Cute Patient of the Week!


This is Zoey, our Cute Patient of the Week! She is the newest member to the Clark family. In this picture Zoey was 8 weeks old and a recent adoptee from the Delaware SPCA. Zoey loves to play with water bottles and she is a really big fan of being the center of attention. The Clark’s older dog Pebbles wasn’t too fond of Zoey at first but we are sure she will work her magic and make her fall in love with her just like we did!

Aurora: Cute Patient of the Week!

This is Aurora. She is the newest member to our longtime front desk employee Kathys’ family. She is a 6-7 week old pit bull who everyone falls in love with as soon as they meet her! She loves to stomp around at the front desk and play with her little pink soft toys. She is teething so she sometimes chews instead of kisses and boy are those teeth sharp! She is so smart, she has become a fantastic “sitter” and is on her way to mastering the art of “down.” We all love her so much and do not mind at all when Kathy has to bring her in just to tire her out. She will no doubt be a fabulous edition to the Aston Vet family.

Cute patient of the week: Ralphie!

This is Ralphie! He is the newest addiction to the Ertwine Family and they say he is such a good puppy. He and their 6-month-old lab Kara just play and play until they are both worn out. They even will sleep on the same bed! He’s learning to sit and shake hands, but mostly he likes to play and sleep.The Ertwines have two very sweet puppies and we are lucky to have them as clients at our

Cute Patient of the Week: Isabella!

This is Isabella. She is a 2 year-old English Bulldog. The Vrobels, Isabella’s owners, have been clients with Aston Vet since 2003. She recently came and boarded with us and it gave us the perfect opportunity to snap a really cute picture of this little sweetie pie. We are told that Isabella loves to play ball and will toss it and chase after it. She especially enjoys bones and playing with Mrs Vrobel’s grandchildren. She does a special little dance to let you know she has to go out and even gives a high five for a treat! She’s so talented!