Meet Our Veterinary Staff

The Aston Veterinary Hospital has a large team of dedicated, caring and experienced veterinary staff that work together to ensure that you and your pet have a great experience at each and every one of your veterinary visits.

Heidi Eagles, Practice Manager

Heidi joined Aston Veterinary Hospital in November of 2017. Previously, Heidi spent several years in corporate retail where she held various positions, including high level Customer Relations, Manager of Human Resources and Director of Training and Development. She returned to school in 2010 to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Business Management and Marketing. Heidi resides in Chester County with her husband, two dogs and three cats. Matt and Heidi are the proud parents of three children and two grandchildren. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys singing, hiking and vacationing with her family. Animals (from A-Z) have always been a huge part of her life. Along with volunteering at local shelters, she and her family have fostered 27 dogs and puppies from various rescues.

Customer Service Representatives

Karen M.

Karen started working at Aston Veterinary Hospital in August of 1988. Karen and her husband Ron have three sons, Kevin, Tom and Keith and five grandchildren, Reese, Sophia, Olivia, Bree and Keith. She has three dogs, Sasha, Humphrey and Ryan. When Karen is not working she enjoys spending time with her family.

Kathy K.

Kathy has been a receptionist with Aston Veterinary Hospital since 1984. Prior to joining the hospital, Kathy worked in the insurance industry. Kathy and her husband John have a daughter, Tara. She has two dogs (Chloe and Scottie) and three cats (Daisy, Zoey & Mr Jinx). She enjoys wood crafts, cooking/baking & gardening.

Lori S.

Lori has been with Aston Veterinary Hospital since 1972. Lori is a former groomer and now is one of our receptionists. Lori has two cats, Osiris and Dex. Her favorite hobbies are visiting and sometimes climbing various lighthouses. She also enjoys hiking wildlife preserves and swimming.

Kennel Staff

Janice L.

Janice joined the hospital in 2005.

Jessica R.

Jess has been with the hospital since 2002. She enjoys taking care of the boarding cats and dogs like they are her own. She has a chihuahua named Millie and two cats. Millie and Jess enjoy going on walks as well as cooking, gardening and knitting.

Jean S.

Jean joined Aston Veterinary Hospital in July 2015. She loves taking caring of the cats and dogs that board at the hospital and insuring that they are comfortable during their stay. Jean lives in Swarthmore with her family which also includes her two dogs Emily and Elsa, and three cats Fred, Becky, and Oliver.