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Aston Veterinary Hospital : Pet Blog: National Poison Prevention Week

By: Simba, Dr. B’s dog

March 19-25th is National Poison Prevention Month.  As someone who has witnessed firsthand the stress and trauma which can occur when pets eat things they shouldn’t, I am here to tell you things you should keep away from your pets.

As the honorary office assistant at the Aston Veterinary Hospital, I get to have a unique perspective on the place.  It is a view from about 12 inches off the ground, but you would be amazed at what I see!  For example, did you know that there are lots of things humans like to eat which could make a dog like me very sick?

So,  I hear all of the women in the office saying they NEED chocolate.  Well, for the record, no matter how much your dog begs, DO NOT GIVE THEM CHOCOLATE!  Chocolate is very toxic to us dogs.  Not fair, but that’s the breaks.  Same with avocados, macadamia nuts, grapes, and raisins.  All yummy for humans, all dangerous for dogs.  And be super careful with your chewing gum!  Most gums these days contain a sugar substitute call Xylitol which is very toxic for dogs!

For your feline friends, best to stay away from everything mentioned for dogs, as well as onions and garlic.  Sorry cats, no delicious Italian food for you!  And make sure your cats and dogs aren’t chewing on your Easter lilies.  There are many household plants which can make pets sick, such as lilies, cyclamen, Kalanchoe species, Dieffenbachia species, and daffodils.

And just like you keep household cleaners and medicines locked up and away from little kids, please do the same for your furry kids too.  As much as we love visitors here at Aston Veterinary Hospital, we want to keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe!