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Aston Veterinary Hospital : Pet Blog: We’re Always Learning

The doctors and technicians at Aston Veterinary Hospital are committed to lifetime learning. This allows them to continually enhance their knowledge and skills and learn the most up-to-date information about various topics to better help your pets.

Several staff members have recently attended continuing education conferences. Dr. Becker returned from the AAHA Conference in Tampa, Florida, where she attended lectures about emergency and critical care medicine. Dr. Hiller went to the Penn Annual Conference in Philadelphia and attended lectures about dermatology and endocrinology. Two of our technicians, Liza and Mary Anne, also attended the Penn Conference and listened to lectures about ophthalmology and blocked cats.

As the year goes on, our staff will continue to attend different conferences. Our primary goal is to provide your pets the best veterinary care. Test our knowledge and ask us some questions.

AAHA Tampa Conference 2015

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Aston Veterinary Hospital : Pet Blog: Heat Stress Prevention

By Dr. Cafaro and Dr. Hiller

Summer’s peak heat and humidity is upon us, so it is important to remember a few safety tips to keep your dogs and cats comfortable and reduce the risk of heat stress or stroke. First, NEVER keep your pet in the car unattended. The temperature in the car can rise to over 120 degrees within minutes. It is also important to limit exercise in high temperatures and allow access to shade—especially in overweight dogs or dogs with respiratory illnesses.

For a complete list of tips to keep your pets safe, please read this article on Heatstroke Risks.