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Aston Veterinary Hospital : Pet Blog: Grooming Is Back

We are thrilled to announce that grooming has returned to Aston Veterinary Hospital. Amanda Walton has well over 10 years of grooming experience and formerly worked at Top Dog and Fuzzy Butts. She has expertise with all breeds of dogs. Grooming services are available Monday through Thursday by appointment. Please call the office at 610-494-5800 to schedule your dog’s summer cut today! All dogs must be up to date on vaccines.

And with vacation season fast approaching…don’t forget we offer boarding services for dogs and cats!

Aston Veterinary Hospital : Pet Blog: Intestinal Parasites in Pets

Our pets can be reservoirs for parasitic infection which can not only be a health problem for them, but can be a source of human infection. During the warmer months we all enjoy spending more time outdoors. Our pets may venture to the park for a hike, to the beach for a swim, or to the dog park for a play date. All of these places are a potential source of infection with all types of parasites. Fleas and ticks are external parasites. Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and giardia are common types of intestinal parasites. They can be contracted through contact with infected feces, soil or sand. The eggs of these parasites can live in the environment for many years in some cases. This contamination puts our pets and our children at risk due to their tendency to play on the ground.

The best ways to prevent infection with intestinal parasites are frequent hand washing, dispose of your pet’s feces promptly, have your dog’s and cat’s stool sample tested regularly, and use a monthly broad spectrum anti-parisiticide such as Heartgard or Revolution.

Please contact us at 610-494-5800 for more important information on how to keep your pets and your children safe!