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Chocolate and alcohol may seem like necessities during a New Year’s Eve party, but they’re actually quite dangerous for our pets. As always, if you suspect your pet has eaten any of the following foods, please note the amount ingested and contact us or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.
  • Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine These products all contain substances called methylxanthines, which are found in cacao seeds, the fruit of the plant used to make coffee and in the nuts of an extract used in some sodas. When ingested by pets, methylxanthines can cause vomiting and diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death. Note that darker chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate. White chocolate has the lowest level of methylxanthines, while baking chocolate contains the highest.
  • Alcohol Alcoholic beverages and food products containing alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death.

Community Leader Profile: the Delaware Humane Association’s Patrick Carroll!

Patrick Carroll from the Delaware Humane Association

Patrick Carroll, the Executive Director of the Delaware Humane Association does such incredible things in the community. We asked him some questions so that we all could get to know him a little better:

Where are you originally from? New Castle, Delaware

How long have you been in the area? I went to grad school at Penn State (1988-90); moved to Ohio from 1990-1993 and moved back after that

Describe your role in the area pet community? I’m the Executive Director a No Kill Animal Welfare Organization: The Delaware Humane Association

How long have you been at DHA? 7 years this coming January

Where did you go to school? University of Delaware (BS Ag 88); Penn State (M Ed 89)

What would you say is the most important impact that our clinic DHA has? Give cats and dogs a second chance…a new home (Adoption)

What would you say was the one greatest pet related, community accomplishment that you have had? Matching folks with pets is one little accomplishment at a time

At what point in your life did you realize that you had such a deep connection with pets? When I was younger…having dogs as family pets

List your pets and names throughout the years: Snoopy (yellow Lab – my first pet as a kid), Noel (terrier mix), Buddy (terrier mix), Buns and Buffy (rabbits). My pets as an adult: Bailey (yellow Lab; 1996-2008), Bonnie (chocolate Lab; 1998-2011), Barkley (black Lab; 2008-), Casey (yellow Lab mix; 2011-)

What kind of food do you feed your pets? Chicken Soup for the Soul; used to be Iams

What is your favorite movie? Tootsie

What kind of music do you like? Show Tunes, some pop

What was the last book that you read? The Art of Racing in the Rain

What is your favorite TV show? American Horror Story

Where was your last vacation? Rehoboth Beach, DE

What is your favorite restaurant? Culinaria (If you haven’t been…go!)

If you could meet with anyone in the world, who would it be? Either Obamas or Clintons or Meryl Streep

Other personal facts or hobbies that you think might be interesting: Some kids like trucks, tractors, etc. I liked school buses….still do  I have a Christmas tree full of them.

The Delaware Humane Association’s Tribute Park

Engraved Bricks: A Purr-fectly Unique Gift

If you’re looking for a unique way to honor a special friend, memorialize a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion, consider a custom-made engraved brick that will become part of the paved pathway in Delaware Humane Association’s Tribute Park.

Located on the grounds of the shelter, this beautifully landscaped park is a small oasis of trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers surrounding a brick walkway made up of hundreds of engraved bricks purchased by DHA supporters.

Each brick represents a donation of $150, the majority of which goes directly to DHA. Every brick is unique because you specify the brick’s engraved message of up to 2 lines, with a maximum of 18 characters per line.

To order a brick to be added to DHA’s Tribute Park, please go to:

Or contact: Sandy Leigh, Administrative Assistant
(302) 571-8171, ext. 307


Only a small portion of the veterinary practices in the United States are AAHA accredited (we are!)

Established in 1933 by leaders in the veterinary profession, AAHA is the only companion animal exclusive veterinary association. AAHA is well known for its high standards in veterinary medicine and quality pet care, and promotes those standards within the veterinary profession and to the public. The Association develops industry benchmarks, business practice standards (known as the Standards of Accreditation), and informative publications and educational programs designed to help companion animal hospitals thrive.

AAHA believes in setting “The Standard of Veterinary Excellence.” Throughout the Association’s history, its mission has remained the same: provide veterinary professionals with the resources they need to effectively manage their businesses and deliver the best in companion animal care.

To learn more about AAHA, go to:


Meet Doodle From the Delaware Humane Association

I am a Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix neutered male. I’m a handsome guy who is in looking for a loving forever home. I was adopted many years ago, but returned because my family’s living situation changed. I can be a little reserved at first, but once I get to know you I love to give kisses. I would do best in a home with no other dogs so I can be the center of attention. To learn more about me or to schedule an appointment to meet me (I’m available to be seen by appointment only) call Delaware Humane Association at 302-571-0111 or go to


Our New Ultrasound Machine

This year we got a new ultrasound machine which produces images that are simply spectacular. The machine, a GE Logiq P3 Vet, allows us to diagnose diseases of the heart and abdominal organs (liver, kidneys, spleen), urinary bladder and gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines). We can also use it to obtain urine samples via cystocentesis and to diagnose pregnancy.

The new machine products an amazing image that makes it easier for us to interpret normal versus abnormal. The server also allows us to email the studies to a specialist quickly and easily so we can have a cardiologist or radiologist assist us with those interpretations.

The procedure is non-invasive and rarely requires sedation so it is very safe for your pet.


The Delaware Humane Association!

All month long we will be featuring information about the Delaware Humane Association. They are truly an amazing organization and we strongly encourage you to support them!

For those of you who may not be familiar with them, the following is from their website:

“Founded in 1957, the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) is Delaware’s first no kill animal shelter and adoption center. We are committed to providing for the needs of homeless dogs and cats in our community. Serving over 5,000 companion animals annually through direct intervention and many more through advocacy, we continue to promote the humane values of protection, care, and compassion for all living things. We envision a future where all people and their pets live healthy, happy and long lives together.”

Please check out their website to learn more:

Help the Delaware Humane Association Feed Pets in Need!

Between Dec 1st to Dec 31st, 2012, every time a new Facebook post gets “LIKED” on our Facebook Page, Aston Veterinary Hospital will donate 1/6th of a bowl of pet food to the Delaware Humane Association. By “LIKING” these stories every day and encouraging your friends to do the same, we can donate an enormous amount of food to pets in need!

The more virtual “LIKES”…the more REAL food!

There’s no cost involved, just 15 seconds of your time per day.

We will pay for up to 1000 1/6 bowls of food in the month of December

To learn more about the Delaware Humane Association, go to:

To LIKE our Facebook page and posts, go to



For the second year in a row, a Wire Fox Terrier won the National Dog Show Presented by Purina during the annual Kennel Club of Philadelphia cluster at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. GCH Afterall Painting the Sky, was selected by Best In Show Judge Vicki Abbott from among more than 1,500 canines.
“Sky” won the Terrier Group and then bested an Affenpinscher, an American Foxhound, a Great Dane, a Tibetan Spaniel, a Bearded Collie and a Field Spaniel during Best In Show. It is the first time that the same breed has won Best In Show at a major competition since an English Springer Spaniel won Westminster in 1971 and 1972.
Handler Gabriel Rangel of Rialto, Calif., has now won the National Dog Show three of the last four years with the Scottish Terrier, Sadie, in 2009, and the two Wire Fox Terriers – Eira in 2011, and now Sky.
To see more pictures and videos, go to:

Did You Know Our History?

Our hospital was founded in the late 1940s. In 1952, Dr. Buckwalter took over and operated the hospital for the next 30 years. Dr. Deborah Brzezinski bought the hospital in 1983. At the time, it was a solo-practice, but Dr. Brzezinski, with the help and support of her family and dedicated staff, grew the hospital over the years to five veterinarians and a staff of greater than 25 employees.
The physical plant has undergone extensive renovation over the years, with the most recent expansion and upgrade taking place from 1987 to 1989. In the process, we have upgraded all functional areas, more than tripled the interior hospital space, all in an effort to better serve you and your wonderful pets.