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Can you help the DELCO SPCA reach its year-end goal?

With only 58 adoption days left, the Delaware County SPCA is hoping to reach its adoption goal to save 2,800 lives this year — but they need your help!

Just 57 more adoptions are needed, and with great adoption specials like FREE cats (applies to cats currently in a foster home only) and 50 percent off kittens and larger dogs, you have nothing to lose by adding a new member to your family in 2011.

All pets are spayed/neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. Please open your heart and home today! The Delaware County is open on New Year’s Eve from noon to 4 p.m.

Keep Your Cats Safe At Christmas

Inquisitive cats that like to explore have a favorite season, and it’s upon us now. To protect your cats from themselves over the holidays, keep these pointers in mind as you decorate.

Secure the Christmas tree to the wall with heavy cord to thwart cats who like to climb. If your cats bat at ornaments along the bottom of the tree, hang glass and other breakables high, and secure low-hanging ornaments with green pipe cleaners instead of hooks.

Cover the Christmas tree stand so your cats can’t drink the water, which sometimes upsets feline stomachs.

Don’t bring tinsel into the house, and don’t leave ribbon lying around, even if it’s attached to a package. Cats are attracted to tinsel, ribbon and yarn, which can cause life-threatening intestinal damage if it’s eaten.

Candle flames, hot wax and potpourri liquid pose additional risks, so light candles and use potpourri warmers only when you’re there to supervise your cats.

Keep your kittens away from mistletoe, poinsettias, holly and Christmas cactus, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, diminished appetite and lethargy if ingested.

Use common sense with light cords and other potential holiday hazards. If it’s not safe for a child, it’s not safe for inquisitive cats.


The Truth about Christmas Plant Toxicity

Poinsettias are generally quite safe, despite rumors to the contrary. The rumors are traced to the 1918 report of a child’s death involving a plant erroneously identified as a poinsettia. According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, vomiting with loss of appetite and energy can occur after a pet ingests poinsettia, but these effects are mild and resolve on their own.

The same signs, along with diarrhea, have been reported after ingestion of Christmas cactus and holly. Again, signs are generally mild and resolve without specific treatment.

The toxicity of mistletoe, a parasitic vine, is influenced by the plant on which it is growing. Serious poisonings, which are infrequent, are characterized by vomiting and decreased energy.

If your pet eats any of these plants and then vomits, restrict access to food and water for a couple of hours to quiet the stomach. If signs persist, call us at 610-494-5800.

An Awesome Dog & Cat for Adoption from the SPCA!

The Delaware County SPCA is lowering prices in December. Now’s the time to adopt that new dog or cat for your family …

From December 16th through the end of year, all cats and kittens are half-off, and large adult dogs (more than 45 pounds) are just $75.

Even better, here a few of the current furry folks available right now — at even lower prices:

Johnny O has been with the Delaware County SPCA almost two years. Currently living in a temporary home in foster care, Johnny O is one cool cat. Johnny O once lived a tough life on the street, which is probably why he is not shy in the least and enjoys being front and center to chat with you or to play a game of cat and mouse. His life as a stray is likely where he developed his half-flopped ear, from frostbite. This guy loves children and we think he wouldn’t mind a dog, either. Johnny O is litter-box-trained and neutered, which means he’s ready to go home with you today. Johnny O and all of the Delco SPCA foster cats are FREE to a good home throughout the month of December.

Prancer is a 9-to-11-month-old fun and feisty Terrier with a heart of gold and plenty of energy to burn! He loves to play, go for walks or runs and meet new human friends. The most endearing thing about Prancer is, true to his name, he prances excitedly when you approach his cage to say hello. Being a young pup, some basic training and a lot of daily exercise are needed for him to grow up to be a well-balanced Pit Bull Terrier breed ambassador. Prancer is smart, already knowing the “sit” command and could live with kids 7 and older and needs to be your only pet at this time, as he works through his puppy year, although he walks nicely by other dogs and greets well. Prancer is just $20.11.

Holiday Advisory: Grapes/Raisins

Happy Holidays from the doctors and staff at Aston Veterinary Hospital! It’s that special time of year again. Time for family, friends, decorations, and good food. One family member that is important to keep in mind this holiday season is the family cat or dog. With the house being filled with good sights and smells, it is essential to keep in mind the potential dangers that certain delicious temptations can bring to our furry friends. This is the first informative post of many!

Grapes and raisins can be toxic to both cats and dogs. Grapes and raisins can cause acute kidney failure. At this time, the toxic component is not known. Additionally, there is a large range of the “toxic” dose of raisins and grapes. Some animals can be affected after eating just one grape, others more. Signs of raisin/grape toxicity include vomiting, lethargy and diarrhea within hours of ingestion and last for weeks post-ingestion.

  • What to do: contact your veterinarian immediately. If it has been a recent ingestion (<4 hours), your veterinarian may need to induce vomiting and protect the GI tract by administered activated charcoal which helps bind toxins. Afterwards, your veterinarian may suggest bloodwork to obtain baseline values of the kidney and the treat aggressively with intravenous fluids for 2-3 days. If kidney failure does not occur, the prognosis for recovery is fairly good.
  • Caution: fruitcakes definitely contain raisins and sometimes cranberry sauces contain raisins too, please be sure to keep the holiday treats out of reach.
Next time: turkey and turkey bones

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Foxy!

This week it’s all about Foxy!

Foxy, a long-haired Chihuahua is cute as a button and ready to find her new home now! This petite cutie is currently residing at the Delco SPCA and is estimated to be 4-7 years old. She likes people but has a mind of her own, like most Chihuahuas! She would thrive in an all-adult home. She wants to be the only pet in the house, too, so she can have your love all to herself. Foxy can’t wait to wear her winter duds with you for the holidays. Come meet her today!

Click Here to learn more about Foxy.

Adoptable Pets of the Week

Here are our adoptable pets of the week! They are all currently residing with our friends at the Delaware County SPCA and eager to find their forever homes. If you’re interested in any of the pets below or adopting in general, please click here or visit the adoption center at 555 Sandy Bank Road, Media, PA 19063.

Trubble is a 9 to 11-month-old fun and feisty terrier with lots of heart and plenty of energy to burn! He loves to play, go for walks or runs and meet new human friends. Being a young pup, some basic training and a lot of daily exercise are needed for him to grow up to be a great Pit Bull Terrier breed ambassador. Trubble is just $50 throughout the month of November in the Delco SPCA’s “Big Paws, Big Thanks” adoption special, which applies to all medium and large-breed dogs at the Adoption Center.


Gwenivere has been with the Delco SPCA through many seasons—winter, spring, summer, fall, and now another winter. This pretty kitty arrived in February and is more than ready for furever, don’t you think? Gwenivere is a young tabby that is calm and well-socialized with other cats and even dogs, too.Doesn’t your home need a loving pet like Gwenivere? Adopt her for just $10 throughout the month of November!


Tiger Lily is one pretty kitty. This petite girl is very unique being a female orange tabby—and a long-haired one, at that! Most orange tabby cats are boys. After living over 60 days at the Adoption Center, she’s a little cranky about having to be in a cage most of the day with no warm lap in sight. Tiger Lily is spayed and has all her shots, so she’s ready for you to come fall in love and take her home with you for the holidays. Best of all, her adoption fee is also just $10 throughout the month of November.

Cute Patient of the Week: Isabella!

This is Isabella. She is a 2 year-old English Bulldog. The Vrobels, Isabella’s owners, have been clients with Aston Vet since 2003. She recently came and boarded with us and it gave us the perfect opportunity to snap a really cute picture of this little sweetie pie. We are told that Isabella loves to play ball and will toss it and chase after it. She especially enjoys bones and playing with Mrs Vrobel’s grandchildren. She does a special little dance to let you know she has to go out and even gives a high five for a treat! She’s so talented!

Adoptable Pets of the Week

This week two extremely handsome cats are in need of a loving owner like you! Our friends at the Delco SPCA and Delaware Humane Association has this to say about Lennon and Blue…

Lennon’s had a hard time in his short life. He came to the Delco SPCA as the victim of a house fire last December—almost one full year ago. Despite his hardship, he’s a wonderfully sweet, outgoing cat that deserves an equally wonderful furever home where he can be treated like a prince. And, better yet, Lennon and all of his foster feline friends are FREE to a good home throughout the month of November. Lennon is currently being cared for by the Delco SPCA. Click herefor more information on Lennon.

Blue is an adult neutered male short haired white cat who was born around July 2007. He is also front declawed. He ended up here after he was abandoned at another shelter. Can you believe someone would leave a handsome boy like him? Please come meet Blue—once you look into his gorgeous blue eyes you will want to give me a real forever home with you. Blue is currently being cared for by the Delaware Humane Association. Click here for